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OTOS has a modular systems architecture based around the main OTOS database. The database holds all relevant data for the user programs, such as Route Planning and Freight Delivery Tracking. The database is available to authorised end-users via this secure internet portal.

OPTIMA has developed data interfaces to import planned routes, actual routes and scheduled routes into the OTOS database. The OTOS database holds all relevant route and customer data, which forms the basis for the following user programs:
  • Base Data Maintenance
  • Route planning
  • Freight Delivery Tracking
  • Quality Management
The freight delivery tracking system KONOS is an in-house OPTIMA development. KONOS is able do transmit data European-wide online and real-time via the GSM network. Updates from lorry drivers to the OTOS-database are performed within minutes. The integrated KONOS analysis function enables deviation analysis for route planning through real-time comparison of delivery and plan data and thus optimises logistical performance.

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